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DHCP Scope Options

proVconnect Agent can use DHCP as a mean of obtaining parameters that will be automatically applied. You can choose if this mehtod is enabled or not by toggling the checkbox in the Agent Configuration page as show below. The default state is enabled.

There are three different data that can be provisionned by the DHCP server:

DescriptionOption Number
FTP Server settings for the Agent UpdateScope Option 170
Agent TAGsScope Option 171
proVconnect Manager Address Scope Option 172

Depending of you DHCP server type, you will need to use instructions in the following sections

DHCP Options settings for Windows

DHCP settings - Add options

The setting for the DHCP scope options follows a well defined logic.

The following example illustrates the configuration of DHCP on a windows server 2003.

Make a right click on the server node, and then “Set Predefined Options…”

Click on “Add…” then fill in the fields as below, and then “OK”

Redo the previous sequence for the WP Tag and the Manager Address

DHCP Option 170 - WP FTP Update

Select the 170 option in the drop-down list and fill in the fields as below

@WP: Start of tag
IpServer Ip address of the FTP server
; Mandatory parameter separator
Port Port number of the FTP server
; Mandatory parameter separator
Login Login used for the connection to the FTP server
;mandatory parameter separator
PasswordPassword used for the connection to the FTP server
;Mandatory parameter separator
Pathfull path to the file InfoVersion.xml
; Mandatory parameter separator
AutoUpdateBoolean indicating whether or not the automatic update by FTP is active. Possible values are “true” OR “false”
:@WPEnd of tag

DHCP Option 171 - WP Tags

Do the same for the option 171

#WP:Start of tag
Tag1Tag1 entry
;Mandatory parameter separator
Tag2Tag2 entry
;Mandatory parameter separator
Tag3Tag3 entry
;Mandatory parameter separator
Tag4Tag4 entry
;Mandatory parameter separator
Tag5Tag5 entry
:#WPEnd of tag

DHCP Option 172 - Manager Address

Add in the DHCP option 172.

$WP:Start of Manager Address
http://management_server_IP_address:portAddress of the Manager
:$WPEnd of Manager Address

Enable Scope Options

Click on the node corresponding to the scope covered by the tag, right click then “Configure options…”

Select 170, 171 and 172 then validate.

The configuration is completed, you can see the 3 new options appearing.

DHCP Options settings for Linux

Edit dhcp file settings: /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf and add following lines for WanPulse DHCP Scopes Options:

on main section:

option WP_FTP_Update code 170 = string;
option WP_Tag code 171 = string;

on “subnet” section:

option WP_FTP_Update "@WP:IPServer;Port;Login;Password;Path;AutoUpdate(True|False):@WP";
option WP_Tag "#WP:Tag1;Tag2;Tag3;Tag4;Tag5:#WP";


option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address;
option routers;
option domain-name-servers,;
option domain-name "";
option ntp-servers;
option WP_FTP_Update code 170 = string;
option WP_Tag code 171 = string;
subnet netmask {
option WP_FTP_Update "@WP:;21;anonymous;test;/ftpupdate;true:@WP";
option WP_Tag "#WP:world;emea;france;paris;dev:#WP";
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