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Xcalibur W Tray


The Xcalibur W Tray is an windows application designed to run in the Windows Taskbar. It appears as a system icon :

The Xcalibur W Tray icon can have different color based on the status of the Xcalibur W agent as described in this section

The Xcalibur W Tray can be identified in the process list under the following exe name : XcaliburW.Notification.Windows.exe

Xcalibur W Tray process is used whenever an interaction with the desktop session is required. Therefore, the Tray is required for the following commands :

As the Xcalibur W Tray is system application running on explorer, if the explorer is not started, then the Xcalibur W Tray will not be operating. As a result any command requiring the Xcalibur W Tray will fail. This is the case when there is no user logged in on the device or when the device is in Maintenance mode.

Issue And Resolve


You may face an error as shown below :


Case 1

The target device is not in Maintenance Mode
You have sent one of the following commands :

Launch Application Notification
Configuration Displays Configuration Screensaver

The reason for the error message can be explained if:

  • There are no Windows Session opened up on the device - or the windows session does not have the explorer as shell
  • The Xcalibur W Tray has failed to start

Case 2

The target device is not in Maintenance Mode
You have sent one of the following command :

Launch Application Notification

While in Maintenance Mode, the Xcalibur W Tray is not started as there is no explorer. These above commands can not be executed during Maintenance Mode.

Case 3

The target device is not in Maintenance Mode
You try to start an Connection RDP created by Xcalibur W server

The Xcalibur W Tray may not have started correctly.

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