"Xcalibur Global as a management software mainly answers 2 main important needs for me:
    Management & Real Time."

    Mark Freeman, IT consultant

    "Numerous projects have been done where a 1000 plus devices were seamlessly deployed
    thanks to the capabilities of Xcalibur Global."

    FedEx report


Thin Clients

Chip PC Xcalibur Global is policy-based management software designed for chip PC thin client management. Offering an MMC -Based Interface, it provides fault tolerance, speed, scalability and ease of management. IT managers can quickly and easily expand end user connectivity with the workstations fully and remotely configured.


Chip PC Xcalibur–W is unified management software offering monitoring and control of Windows Embedded Devices for both Chip PC and other vendors. Owning a user friendly web based interface supports inventory management, device configuration, software and file updates, remote assistance, and monitoring & preventive maintenance.