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Xcalibur 1.2 build 379

Xcalibur Documentation

Technical Docs

EX PC / Windows 7 Embedded

Windows 10 IoT

Download for ThinX OS x86 (LXD2, EXPC, HDPC, IQPC)

ThinX OS x86 Firmware

PC-to-TC Installer

ThinX OS Download for LXD 8xxx (Xtreme LXD 8541/8941)

Xcalibur W for Windows 7/10 Embedded devices

IM PC Zero Client

Zero Client ZED PC PCoIP

Standalone Plugins (ThinX x86)

Standalone Plugins (Linux LXD arm 8xxx)

Legacy Standalone Plugins (Linux MIPS 2xxx)

Xcalibur Plugins (All devices)

Download for MIPS 2xxx (Plug PC 2310, Xtreme PC 2321, Jack PC 2311)

ThinX OS – Linux for MIPS 2xxx

EX PC 4741 / Windows Embedded 2009

Windows CE 6 for MIPS 2xxx

OS Swap for 2xxx MIPS (Linux <--> Windows CE 6)