Chip PC Technologies is a fast growing thin client and desktop virtualization company with tens of thousands of customers worldwide using its innovative zero, thin and smart clients and management solutions.

Our unique technology is a perfect fit for cloud and virtualization environments, providing an impressive return on investment to our customers. In addition, our customers enjoy unique client form factors, high performance, low power green technologies and top level security solutions for high security markets. Our rich portfolio of innovative zero, thin and smart clients is smoothly orchestrated remotely by the best management solutions available. Coming to know us you will notice that we are very different from other zero and thin client vendors that insist that ‘one size fits all’ understanding that every organization is unique.

Our flexibility enables us to customize our solutions to exactly meet your needs.

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Man and Mother Nature

Chip PC is dedicated to design green technology products minimising environmental impact through reduced energy consumption and demonstrable consideration of the environment throughout the design process.

Chip PC thin clients are not only a valid alternative to power-hungry PCs, with an average power consumption between 70-150 watts of power, but also to other thin clients with average power consumption between 15-25 watts of power.

Chip PC offers the world's lowest power consumption desktop products, with an average power consumption of 3.5W at full working mode.
Chip PC thin clients are the world's lowest energy consumption computers by far.

Additionally, Chip PC computers are especially reliable and durable with a lifespan of 10 years, 3-4 times longer than that of a PC. This contributes to reduction of e-waste and guards against technological obsolescence.

Internal product design is based on minimum components (100 parts) compared to the competitive products that have 3-4 times more parts.
Also, Products are miniature in size and contain no metal-based capacitors or batteries in their design. Chip PC production lines and products are to lead-free solder technology.

Chip PC technologies recognizes its responsibility for people and the environment.

  • We are taking the necessary measures to provide a safe and healthy workplace, protect the environment, conserve energy and natural resources, and prevent pollution by applying appropriate management practices and technology.
  • We are monitoring and measuring our performance and comply with all applicable laws to maintain our status as a responsible corporate citizen in all locations in which we operate.
  • We regularly review our practices and procedures to address changing circumstances, and to continually improve our performance.
  • We openly make this policy available to all employees, vendors, customers, and the public.
  • We promote and foster a culture where it is the responsibility of employees, management, and business associates to work in partnership for the benefit of the environment and the health and safety of all.