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Xcalibur W====== Create Policy ====== ---- ===== List of Automatic Policies ===== ---- From the **Automatic Policies** section, you have acccess to the list of Automatic Policies configured on your server. {{ automatic_policies:create_policy.png }} ===== Add New Policy ===== ---- By clicking **Add a new policy**, you will be directed to the **policy editor** such as shown below. You can then configure the new policy. {{ automatic_policies:2.png }} * **Group Policy** You will be prompted to select the Group Name. You can also define whether the policy shall apply to sub-groups or not. * **Inventory Policy** You will be prompted to select the property and the expected value for the policy. Properties available are shown below ^ ^ ^ | Active Network Address | Processor Cores | | Computer Manufacturer | Processor Model | | Computer Model | WPDA Version | | Network Address/Subnet | Write Filter State | | DHCP | Write Filter Type | | Operating System & Service Pack | Auto Tags 1 to 5 | | Processor Architecture | Tags 1 to 5 | * **Saving the Policy** When saving the ploicy, you can elect to apply to **existing devices** which comply to the policy **or** only to **new devices**. This option is applicable to Group Policy and Inventory Policy only. {{ automatic_policies:3.png?400 }}

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