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====== Create the Database ====== ---- ===== Introduction ===== ---- **proVconnect** supports various popular database engines, including * Oracle MySQL 5 © * Microsoft SQL Server 2005 © * Microsoft SQL Server 2008 © For the initial **proVconnect** installation, a database and several user accounts with appropriate permissions must be created **before** starting **proVconnect**. |{{:tip.png |}} Refer to the database user manual for information on these processes.| ===== User Accounts ===== ---- Create two database user accounts: * **wpadmin** : maintenance/update account * **wpweb** : account for web interface and web services usage * (optional) **wp3party**: account for external tool usage Assign the following privileges to the accounts: * **wpadmin** * ALL * **wpweb** * SELECT * UPDATE * INSERT * **wp3party** (if used) * SELECT Note: Some databases assign users' privileges to a specific database or table. In this case, create the database first, and then create/assign the users. Example :MySQL <code mysql> 1 CREATE USER 'wpadmin'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; </code> ===== Create the Database ===== ---- Create a database called "wp_manager", and then assign the "wpadmin" and "wpweb" users to the database. Example :MySQL <code mysql> 1 CREATE DATABASE wp_manager; 2 GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wp_manager.* TO 'wpadmin'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; 3 FLUSH PRIVILEGES; </code> Using a client application compatible with your database engine, verify that all accounts can connect to the database, and that the **wpadmin** user can create tables within the database. Client application list: * PhpMyAdmin (MySQL) * MySQL Workbench (MySQL) * Microsoft Visual Studio (MySQL & SQL Server) * Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server) When the steps above are complete, you are ready to configure **proVconnect** Server to connect to your database. ===== Connection String ===== ---- Depending on the database in use, define the connection string (login/password/host:port/schema) as shown below: * [[installation_guide:server_software_installation:manual_installation:creating_database:installing_mysql|Installing MySQL]] * [[installation_guide:server_software_installation:manual_installation:creating_database:configuring_mysql|Configuring MySQL]] * [[installation_guide:server_software_installation:manual_installation:creating_database:configuring_sqlserver|Configuring SQLserver]] * [[installation_guide:server_software_installation:manual_installation:creating_database:configuring_sqlserver_with_ad_authentication|Configuring SQLserver with AD Authentication]] ===== First Launch of proVconnect Server ===== ---- For the first launch and for maintenance operations (updates, etc.), temporarily re-allocate the connection string from the **wpweb** account to the **wpadmin** account. Then, restart the web server and/or the web site.

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