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====== Overview ====== ---- ===== Stage automatically & Enforce business compliance ===== ---- As administrator responsible for managing specialized devices, you are looking to have **pre-defined management scenarios** which can be executed automatically - without you being behind your management console. **Automatically configure** without intervention, Make sure your devices **comply with your expectations** - Chippc’s Xcalibur W enables you to meet these challenges by providing a unique **Automatic Policy** system for your specialized devices. ===== How it works ===== ---- Xcalibur W features a powerful and flexible **policy engine** - based on **IF THIS THEN THAT** concept. You decide in advance when and where Xcalibur W will take specific actions to reach your goal and then create the statement: If X happens, then I will do Y. **“IF THIS”** becomes the event that spurs the **“THEN THAT”** action. {{ :automatic_policies:ifthisthenthat.png }} Xcalibur W enables to create policies by combining the events and actions below. ^ ^ | **Available Events** | | Device is enrolled | | Device starts | | Device joins group | | Device matches following inventory criteria | ^ ^ | **Available Actions** | | Move device to group | | Play task | | Apply monitoring rule | ===== Use Cases ===== ---- Below are some scenarios provided as example purpose. {{:tip.png |}}**Auto-configure your devices based on their properties**\\ * As a retail company, you have three different POS models in your shops. By using an **Inventory Policy**, you are able to define a default configuration to your devices based on the device's model. {{:tip.png |}}**Automatically distributes a monitoring rule to devices which belong to a specific group**\\ * You have defined Monitoring Rules for your devices and you want to make sure that any existing - and also new devices - that are part of this group are monitored. You can use the **Group Policy** to achieve this. {{:tip.png |}}**Execute a task each time your devices start**\\ * Each time your devices start, you want to execute a custom script, you can use the **Start Policy** for that purpose.

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