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Filtering and Searching Devices

Administrators occasionally need to locate specific devices within the network. This can be very tedious if there are hundreds or thousands of managed devices. Xcalibur W provides a simple and effective way to locate managed devices via the row of drop-down menus and blank fields across the top of the devices list.

The text fields use standard wildcard methods. So, for example, to filter for any device with LNV in the hostname, simply enter *LNV* in the blank text field in the Hostname column. To locate a device with the first four digits of the MAC ID equal to 01:0F, enter the *01:0F* in the blank text field in the MAC ID column.

The drop-down menus in various columns provide an alternate method for sorting and selecting devices.

Finally, the search fields and drop-down menus can be used in combination to allow fine-grained search results.

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