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====== Users ====== ---- **Xcalibur W** Server allows multiple users to connect to manage devices. Users can either be defined locally, or **Xcalibur W** can connect to an Active Directory to allow authenticated login. {{ manage_users:users.png }} ===== Adding a User ===== ---- To add a user, click **Add** at the bottom of the Users page (**Views > Manager Options > Users**). {{ manage_users:2.png }} Fill in the new user details, including appropriate permission levels, and then click **Save**. User permissions are granular and allow very specific administrator roles to be created - for example, a user who can manage discovery and enrollment of remote devices but cannot alter accounts, settings, licenses, etc. ===== Deleting a User ===== ---- To delete a user, on the right side select **Delete** from the contextual menu. {{ manage_users:Delete_Users.png }}

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