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Getting Started

Server Software Installation

Client Software Installation

First Time Use

Enrolling Client Devices

Client Access Licenses

Discovering New Clients

Enrolling Client Devices

Manage Devices

Commands Glossary

Commands to Multiple Devices

Commands to Single Device


Reporting Services

Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

Automatic Policies


Manager Options




Task List & Progress Legend

Task in Progress

Tasks in Progress window displays the list and the status of Tasks which will be or have been executed within a 2 hours window. For complete overview of Tasks, Administrator shall use the Tasks and Commands Board section.

Task Progress Legend

The task progress legend (shown on the right in the picture above) shows the progress of a selected task, allowing realtime monitoring of tasks sent to managed devices.

All instances of Xcalibur W Agent are bi-directional and report the progress of any task that has been sent to them. The task progress list shows each individual task that has been sent down to the various devices and indicates the current status of each task.

See the Publishing Tasks section for details about the various statuses shown in the legend.

Task Commands & Command Queue

This section consists of two vertical tabs that allow commands to be configured and added to the Command Queue. For more details, see the Tasks and Creating Tasks section.

Task CommandsCommand Queue
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