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Enrolling Client Devices

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====== Landing Page & Final Configuration Steps ====== ---- ===== Landing Page ===== ---- The first time **Xcalibur W** is launched, the **Landing Page** appears. This page shows important configuration steps that must be performed to ensure the application functions properly. {{ landing_page:landing page.png }} The **Landing Page** can be recalled after login by clicking the {{landing_page:3.png}} icon on the **Xcalibur W** taskbar. {{ landing_page:2.png }} If the **Landing Page** does not appear at launch, then the installation is complete and no further configuration steps are required. ===== Final Configuration Steps ===== ---- While access to **Xcalibur W** is available immediately following installation, there are couple of settings that should be made in order to use the software. * Enter a valid **License Key** The License Key is used to control the number of remote devices that are granted access to connect to **Xcalibur W** server. Without a License Key, **Xcalibur W** will not be able to discover and to enroll devices. Please see the [[enrolling_client_devices:client_access_licenses:home|Client Access Licenses]] section for detailed information. * Activate the **SSL Certificate** **Xcalibur W** uses an SSL Certificate to ensure secure communication between agents and the server. The administrator must define the default SSL Certificate to be used by the server. If the SSL Certificate is not defined, **Xcalibur W** will not be able to discover and enroll devices. See the [[manager_options:settings#ssl_certificate|SSL Certificate]] section for more information.

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