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====== SSL Certificate ====== ---- Using an SSL certificate allows secure communication between **Xcalibur W** server and the remote devices. ===== Generate and Install the Certificate ===== ---- SSL certificates can be self-signed (generated by IIS) or delivered by a certification authority. ==== Self-Signed Certificate, Generated by IIS ==== ---- 1. Open the IIS management console and navigate to the level you wish to manage. 2. Double-click **Server Certificates**. {{ ssl:1.png }} 3. In the //Actions// zone, click **Create a self-signed certificate**. 4. On the //Create a self-signed certificate// page, type a friendly name for the certificate in the //Specify a friendly name for the certificate// field and then click **OK**. {{ ssl:2.png }} **Caution** : Self-signed certificates provide an **average** level of security. Additionally, these certificates are only valid for one year if they are created by IIS. ==== Certificate Delivered by a Certification Authority ==== ---- 1. Open the IIS management console and navigate to the level you wish to manage. 2. Double-click **Server certificates**. 3. In the //Actions// zone, click **Import**. 4. In the //Import a certificate// zone: *Type a file name in the //File certificate// field, or click **Browse** and navigate to the certificate file. *If necessary, enter the password in the //Password// field. *Tick the //Allow this certificate to be exported// box. 5. Click **OK**. {{ ssl:3.png }} ===== Integration with Xcalibur W ===== ---- The //Settings// page (**Views > Manager Options > Settings**) is where administrators select the IIS SSL Certificate to be used to secure communication between agents and server. Each certificate available on the IIS server is shown as a separate entry within the SSL certificate table, as shown below. The certificate marked **Active** ({{ssl:6.png}}) is the one currently in use on the server. {{ ssl:5.png }} |{{:warning.png |}} The first time **Xcalibur W** Server is launched, there is **no active certificate** configured on the server. Devices **cannot** be enrolled until the SSL certificate is configured. Ensure an SSL certificate is marked as **Active** as shown below.| {{ ssl:7.png }} Refer to the [[manager_options:settings#general|Manager Options]] section to get more details on changing SSL certificate.

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