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====== Main Screen ====== ---- Upon successful login, the main **Xcalibur W** window appears. ===== Main window ===== ---- {{ main_screen:main_screen.png }} By default, the Device List is displayed. The major components of the Device List window are: * [[installation_guide:first_time_use:main_device_list|Main Device Listing]] * [[installation_guide:first_time_use:main_device_list#context_menu|Contextual Menu]] * [[installation_guide:first_time_use:groups_and_devices_tree|Groups and Devices Tree]] * [[installation_guide:first_time_use:task_list_and_progress_legend#task_commands_command_queue|Task Commands and Command Queue]] * [[installation_guide:first_time_use:task_list_and_progress_legend|Tasks Progress Legend]] ===== Top Bar Menu ===== ---- The top bar menu, accessed by rolling over the {{installation_guide:first_time_use:views_button.png}} button, allows switching between menus. All the menus are described later in this wiki. {{ installation_guide:first_time_use:views.png }} ===== Status Buttons ===== ---- On the top right hand of the screen, you can roll over various Status Icons providing summary information and shortcuts. {{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button.png }} ^^^ |{{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button1.png }}| Display lastest notifications | |{{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button2.png }}| List open incidents | |{{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button3.png }}| About the software | |{{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button4.png }}| Server settings summary | |{{ installation_guide:first_time_use:button5.png }}| Current logged in user |

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