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====== Communication Ports ====== ---- **Xcalibur W** generally operates under two scenarios: a local LAN environment and a routed WAN environment. **Xcalibur W** can and will operate successfully on port 443, but in order for **Xcalibur W** to operate to its full extent, a number of other ports should be opened. These are : ^ ^ ^ | |Pulse over **LAN & WAN** |TCP 443 |Client **=>** Server | |Discovery over **LAN only** |TCP 9999 | Client **<=** Server | |Pulse synchronization (**LAN only) ** | TCP 7270 |Client **<=** Server | |Remote Assistance (Reverse VNC) |TCP 5980~89 |Client **=>** Server | |Software Distribution (Peer-to-Peer) |TCP 8080 |Client **<=** **=>** Server | | |{{:tip.png |}} These ports are the default ports used when **Xcalibur W** is installed. If necessary, these ports can be modified in the Agent Configuration, Manager Options, and Discovery Options screens.|**\\ ** \\

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