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====== Customize your Devices List ====== ---- **Xcalibur W** is able to display device data you care about. By using the **Devices List Settings** Tab, you can **create** new views, add & remove **Columns** or **Filters**. You can then elect to **share** your customized views with other users. ===== Devices List Settings Tab ===== ---- The **Devices List Settings** window is available by right-clicking on the corresponding Tab. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:1.png }} ===== Devices List View Examples ===== ---- For example purpose, Xcalibur W comes within **built-in examples** of device lists. The intent is to show how columns and filters can be used to provide the data you care about. You may want to modify these examples to fit to your needs. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:20.png }} ===== Add & Remove Columns ===== ---- You can easely select new data to add to the view using the **Add Column** dropdown menu. | {{:manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:5.png }} | {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:6.png}} | Once selected, the new item will be added automatically to the view. You can then choose to move the column to a different location. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:7.png }} ===== Add & Remove Filters ===== ---- For filtering purpose, you might want to select the item to filter on using the **Add Filter** dropdown menu. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:8.png }} Once selected, the filter will be applied automatically to the view and will displayed in the **Applied Filers** section. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:9.png }} ===== Save and Reload your Views ===== ---- At any time, you can reload the **Xcalibur W** default view using the {{:manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:2.png}} button. If you are satisfied with a newly created view, you can then choose to save the view using the {{:manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:3.png}} so that it becomes available whenever you connect to the server. {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:4.png }} The view can be kept as **Personnal** (i-e only available for you) or as **Shared** (i-e available for any user). {{ :manage_devices:customize_your_devices_list:13.png }}

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