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====== Integration into IIS ====== ---- ===== General Remarks ===== ---- **Xcalibur W** Server is accessed via a web interface hosted by **Microsoft Internet Information Service** (IIS). To install and run **Xcalibur W**, you will complete the entire configuration through the Windows MMC administration console. Open the Windows MMC administration console by typing the following in the **Start** menu search box: >mmc compmgmt.msc The image below shows the administration console interface. {{ iis:Integration_into_IIS.png }} In the tree on the left, expand //Services and Applications// and select **Internet Information Services (IIS)** manager. When the IIS interface loads, you will see two sections in the window: The **Pools and Sites** tree on the left, and the management interface on the right. The management interface is specific to each site or pool selected in the tree. ===== Add the Xcalibur W MS Application Pool ===== ---- Select **Application Pools** in the //Pools and Sites// tree. Then, in the //Actions// menu, select **Add Application Pool**. {{ iis:add_application_pool.png }} Configure the fields as shown below: ***Name** : **Xcalibur W MS** *Select **.NET Framework version**: with **.NET Framework v4.0.30319** *Select **Managed pipeline mode**: with **Integrated** *Tick **Start application pool immediately** Right-click on the Xcalibur W MS application pool and then select **Advanced settings...** *Set //Enable 32-Bit Applications// to **True** {{ iis:add_app_pool.png }} ===== Add the Xcalibur W Management Server Site ===== ---- **Caution** : Deactivate any site that uses HTTP and/or port **80**. Select **Site** in the Pools and Sites tree, and then in //Actions// select **Add a Web Site.** {{ iis:Add_Server_Site.png }} Configure the fields as shown below: ***Site Name** : **Xcalibur W Management Server** ***Pool** : **Xcalibur W MS** ***Physical path** : **C:\Program Files\XcaliburW\XcaliburMS** ***Binding** : **https** and port **80** ===== Secure Mode ===== ---- **Xcalibur W** must be accessible in secure mode for communication with agents, which means an SSL certificate must be installed. If you do not already have a certificate, you can generate one. Select the **Xcalibur W Management Server** site in the //Pools and Sites// tree, and then, in the menu, select **Edit Binding**. {{ iis:secure_mode1.png }} Click **Add...**. {{ iis:secure_mode.png }} Select **http** in the //Type// drop-down, set the port to 443, and then select the SSL certificate you previously added.

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